Thursday, January 28, 2021

Slow posting

 Jan. 28, 2021

Making progress on getting certified to do Tax-Aide this year.  Passed the major test.  Congress should be required to do their own taxes.

In some countries, the government figures the taxes for most people, and they can sign off if they see all the info is right.  When that has been proposed here, it hasn't gone anywhere because the paid tax preparers fought it, because they don't want to lose business.

Jan. 22, 2021

If youJ see fewer posts from me for a couple weeks, it's because I am working on my Tax-Aide certification.

Sad that this year those of us in my area will be working remotely, because it is a high Covid area, so won't be able to do as much as usual, and probably not for some of the people that need us most, but of course, if we don't protect our health from Covid this year, we won't be able to serve people in the future.  If the Covid situation in our area improves, we might be able to modify this.

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