Friday, January 29, 2021

Marjorie Greene pushed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory in 2018 that a space laser ignited California's worst wildfire of all time


When I saw people posting about this on Facebook yesterday, I thought it must be satire.  How disturbing that such a person could be elected and be in Congress.  Worse than Trump, even, it seems


Azmi Haroun

Jan. 28, 2021


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene [republican] is in a renewed spotlight due to recently uncovered social media posts where she supports a galactic and anti-Semitic conspiracy that a Jewish-financed laser beam ignited wildfires in California.

And according to the left-leaning Media Matters for America, one of the anti-Semitic conspiracies she shared alleged that the record 2018 "Camp Fire" wildfire in California was orchestrated by California politicians and wealthy Jewish bankers via a space laser beam, in order to clear a path for a high-speed railway.


Scientists have confirmed that California's wildfire season is becoming longer and more brutal due to climate change.


The post follows a CNN report which exposed that, "Greene repeatedly indicated support for executing prominent Democratic politicians in 2018 and 2019 before being elected to Congress."

After CNN's report, Greene deleted old Facebook posts, which included musings that 9/11, and the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were hoaxes.


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