Thursday, May 19, 2022

Those baby-loving republicans


The republicans have been working to hurt our country when there is a Democratic president since at least Obama was president, to help their own political fortunes.


On the SAME day, Republicans both held a press conference blaming Biden for the baby formula shortage *AND* voted against a bill that would ensure access to baby formula amid a shortage.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Congressional antics


I'm no fan of Madison Cawthorn, but I've been around long enough to find it fully credible that some members of Congress, esp. conservatives, have orgies and use cocaine. Years ago, I felt hurt when when I found out that I hadn't been invited to a party of members of a social group I was part of. A friend said she also had not been invited, and it was because there was going to be cocaine, and they knew we would not approve. These were middle-class college educated people, so were unlikely to be at risk of being arrested and having their lives ruined, as would less well-off people who did the same thing.


With 535 members of the House and 100 in the Senate, I would be astonished if there were not some things like this happening in such a large group of people. 

Sunday, May 01, 2022

Slow posting for awhile


Have had vertigo for more than a week. My cat got it the day before, and I was scared that she had been poisoned by something she ate in the driveway a couple of days before, or had kidney failure. Her liver and kidney functions tested ok. When I woke up the next morning with vertigo, I realized she was acting the way I felt. She got over it after a few days. When I was at CVS yesterday to get decongestant spray, a lady came in behind me with a little boy and said the same thing had been going thru all the members of her family, one at a time. The decongestant was big mistake. It was for allergies, not colds. Made it even worse. And I'm supposed to start working this week at early voting, more than 12 hours every other day for three weeks.  So I won't be posting much for awhile.