Saturday, December 03, 2005

someone needs career counseling

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown is starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm. This is not a joke.


I found this out on a quiz program on public radio a few days ago.

What kind of unit of measure is a mickey? It is the smallest movement measurable by a computer mouse = 0.1 mm.

Being in mainframe computers for so long, I already knew a nibble is half a byte, i.e. a nibble = 4 bits.

non-nurturing culture

I have noticed that every article on job hunting says to network with friends and acquaintices, let them know you need a job. But I have found that if you do this, many people will put you down for not being positive, or for feeling sorry for yourself, etc.

Besides, if a person is in a situation that would cause them to feel sorry for another person in the same situation, why should they be faulted for feeling sorry for themselves?

Where to put abused children

I heard on NPR news a few days ago about programs to put abused children who have been removed from their families with relatives. It is said to be best for them. That may well be true in many, maybe most cases. But of course, these are the same families who raised the parents who abused their own children. So we cannot assume they will be the best place for the children.