MagicScore notes - updated Nov. 29, 2011 - fixed text

MagicScore has several programs that can let you create music scores. I am currently using the cheapest, the Notes version. For the price, it's great, but like any program, has it's quirks.
The following notes may be helpful to others who use it.

I fixed the text problem, will put in illustrations later.

MagicScore notes:

[Alt]+click Selects items in a single line.
[CTRL]+[Alt]+click Selects all items of that type

To include rests at beginning of measure in a copy, include the beginning bar line.

To add single items to a selection, [CTRL] + [select button]

Can't do some things in quick input mode (W), eg. inscriptions, musical insertions.

If new notes start looking different, with an X instead of solid black inside the note, the drum notes function has been turned on. Type “m” to turn it off. It will also reset to normal when the program is closed. re-opened. The drum notes will not be changed, but new notes will be normal.

To change size of non-text item such as tempo, select it, change the value of the music font size, which is at the top, to the right of the name of the music font (classic or jazz).

“Triple Feel” button Y : In Notes window, puts notation at top of page to play two equal notes syncopationpated.
When played back, plays the syncopation.
Click to indicate where it starts or stops playing.

Inscriptions and lyrics:

Haven't been able to add inscription to a note after lyrics were added.
In such case, inscription goes into lyric.
But if no lyric, multiple inscriptions can be put on a note.


To add inscription to a single note, delete the lyric for that note, add the inscription, then add the lyric.

To add many inscriptions:
Save version w/ lyrics.
Delete lyrics.
Add inscription.
Copy lyrics from saved version.
? Don't have to position where to add lyrics, at least not if at beginning.
After selecting lyrics, can move them down with [CTRL] + [down arrow]

To move inscriptions, point to it, and keep holding down the selection button while moving the cursor with mouse or arrows

To add space or hyphen within a lyric syllable, hold CTRL

To put more than one line of lyrics, use [shift] + [enter] at the end of a syllable. This will allow another line to be added to the lyric for that note.

Can’t activate inscriptions in quick input mode (W).
Can do so in single or multiple input mode

Can’t add musical insertions in quick input mode (W).
Can do so in single or multiple input mode

Action of [staff break] button on modify panel adds or deletes a staff break, depending on where the location pointer is located.

If time signature changed, notes are not lost, just redistributed as necessary.
Eg., changing from 4/2 to 4/4 creates two measures for each original measure.

In Piano mode

If Auto Sharp/Flat (“V” : b/#) is on, it will be highlighted, and accidentals in the key signature will not have a sharp or flat sign; they will get it from the key signature.

For an accidental that does not get an automatic accidental, the accidental will be determined by the Sharp/Flat (“S”) setting. Before it’s first use, clicking on it will toggle it between b and #. Once a note is chosen which requires it, it cannot be reset. If you want to specify the other accidental, you can do so with the Notes panel.

In Modify mode

Change semitone (Ctrl+T) leaves the note sounding the same, but changes the way it is notated.
Eg., a D# would be changed to an Eb. An F would be changed to E#.