Monday, January 18, 2021

Fried food intake linked to heightened serious heart disease and stroke risk


News Release 18-Jan-2021
Risk rises with each additional weekly 114 g serving, pooled data analysis shows


Fried-food intake is linked to a heightened risk of major heart disease and stroke, finds a pooled analysis of the available research data, published online in the journal Heart.

And the risk rises with each additional 114 g [4 ounces] weekly serving, the analysis indicates.

It's clear that the Western diet doesn't promote good cardiovascular health, but it's not clear exactly what contribution fried food might make to the risks of serious heart disease and stroke, say the researchers.


Their analysis showed that compared with the lowest category of weekly fried food consumption, the highest was associated with a 28% heightened risk of major cardiovascular events; a 22% heightened risk of coronary heart disease; and a 37% heightened risk of heart failure.


These risks substantially increased by 3%, 2%, and 12%, respectively, in tandem with each additional 114 g weekly serving.


The design of the included studies varied considerably, added to which, they all relied on memory--factors that should be taken into consideration when interpreting the results, caution the researchers.


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