Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Governors’ red tape blamed as vaccine doses pile up

Trump's fans like it that he was a political outsider.  But someone who had experience would have known that an effective Covid-19 response needed good planning and support from the federal government to distribute the vaccine.

01/11/2021 08:30 PM EST

Governors face a growing outcry over inflexible vaccine policies that are now being blamed for leaving millions of doses to pile up in freezers — and some to land in the trash.

Pharmacists and hospital leaders, scrambling to get the scarce Covid-19 vaccine doses into the arms of the willing, are begging state leaders not to tie their hands. They say a patchwork of Byzantine-like state regulations — and, in at least one case, the threat of monetary penalties for stepping out of line — have left the medical community paralyzed over what to do with extra supplies.


The slow and cumbersome response from states comes after the federal government offered little support to governors, both in terms of policy direction and boots-on-the-ground reinforcements. State leaders have been left to make major decisions about distribution on their own, while facing worsening problems like a workforce shortage and funding issues that will persist until the nearly $9 billion Congress approved to help vaccine distribution is distributed.


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