Friday, January 22, 2021

Lack of sleep, stress can lead to symptoms resembling concussion

Lack of sleep certainly affects the functioning of my brain.  When I don't get enough, I can start wondering if I am getting dementia, only to have a marvelous recovery after getting a few nights of enough sleep.

News Release 22-Jan-2021
Ohio State University

A new study suggests that a lot of people might be going through life with symptoms that resemble concussion - a finding supporting researchers' argument that athletes recovering from a brain injury should be assessed and treated on a highly individualized basis.

In the national study, between 11% and 27% of healthy college athletes with no history of a recent concussion reported combinations of symptoms that met criteria for post-concussion syndrome (PCS) as defined by an international classification system. Among the nearly 31,000 student-athletes surveyed, three factors stood out as the most likely to predict PCS-like symptoms: lack of sleep, pre-existing mental health problems and stress.

The participants were cadets from four U.S. military service academies - who undergo rigorous training and are required to participate in athletics - and students who competed in NCAA sports at 26 U.S. higher education institutions.


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