Monday, January 18, 2021

Complaint about blogger

Under the old Blogger, I could publish a post, and change the date to the future, so that I could have things like tax info stay in front while they were relevant.


The new blogger won't let you do this.  I and others have complained about this. 

As you can see, posts I did this to with the old blogger still work fine, so there doesn't appear to any good reason they can't allow it now.  As a retired computer programmer/analyst, it seems to me it should not be a big change, since existing  posts are already handled properly, and it would just be a matter of allowing the new date to be entered.


I am considering changing to a new blogging platform for this reason, although it would be a pain.

Another thing that doesn't work well is that it is harder to make a nice looking blog post, with paragraphs spaced the way I want, because with this new blogger, I can't see what it looks like w/o doing a separate viewing, and I don't have time for that.  I used to be able to use the htmThis blog is just a public service, and already takes a lot of time I could be using for other things.  So I'm sorry if it doesn't look great.  If it gives people useful and interesting information, it is serving its purpost.

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