Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Should people live forever?

Dec. 18, 2019

Reading about attempts to extend the human life span, I wonder if that would really be desirable. Once adults have a belief, it is extremely hard to reverse, no matter how much evidence that it is wrong. So most advancements are made by younger people. Age brings experience, which can bring more wisdom, but also tends to bring rigidity. We need a healthy balance between young and old people.

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Anonymous said...

Extended human lifespan (EHL) is the worst possible idea. If it should become available, it would only be to those who can afford it, i.e., the wealthiest people. If we look at the carbon footprint of the people who would be able to afford it, these would be those living the most unsustainable lifestyle, who do the most damage to life on Earth.
In addition, EHL would go to those with the greatest investment in maintaining the socially regressive, anti-democratic regime that is adamantly resistant to adequately addressing climate change. While the wealthy are already effectively a tumor on the polity, EHL would interfere with the only means to get rid of the wealthy. The only thing worse than the Kochs and the Walmart Waltons is immortal Kochs and Waltons.

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