Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Living in a Kafka world

Dec. 25, 2019

Anybody else feel like we're living in a Kafka story?

The first several debates were moderated held by mass media organizations, and allowed almost no discussion of the climate crisis.

The one a week ago was moderated by PBS & Politico, and finally allowed a real discussion of the climate crisis. Tom Steyer said he would start deal with it from day one.

So when I look at how the mass media refers to the debate, including NPR (no surprise) and The Guardian (real disappointment with them), I see little if any mention of this, no mention of Steyer. What they cover is a brief, silly spat between a couple of candidates over having a fund raiser in a "wine cave".

The power elite, the real deep state, is obviously working through the mass media that funds them, to herd us away from dealing with this issue, to protect their wealth.

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