Thursday, December 26, 2019

Politics Editor at Evangelical Publication The Christian Post Resigns Over Pro-Trump Editorial

Madeleine Carlisle
,Time•December 25, 2019

Napp Nazworth, a politics editor at evangelical Christian newspaper The Christian Post, announced on Monday that he had resigned from his job after learning The Post planned to publish an editorial in support of President Donald Trump.

“I was told by our managing editor that they were going in the direction of being a ‘pro-Trump publication,’ and that they were [going] to publish an editorial that I could not support,” Nazworth tells TIME in an interview Tuesday, following a series of tweets in which he announced his resignation. “So it was sort of a mutual decision… we can no longer work together basically.”


“They’ve chosen to represent a narrow (and shrinking) slice of Christianity. That might be a good business decision, short term at least. But … it’s bad for Democracy, and bad for the Gospel,” he wrote in subsequent tweets. “It means there will be one more place where readers can go for bias confirmation, but one less place where readers can go to exercise their brains on diversity of thought.”

Nazworth, who had worked at The Christian Post for eight and a half years, says he would have been fine publishing the pro-Trump piece as an op-ed.

“As the politics editor of The Christian Post I have always welcomed diverse voices. I’ve published many op-eds I disagreed with,” he tells TIME. It was only once he learned the paper planned to publish the piece as an editorial, making it the position of the newspaper as a whole, versus that of an individual writer, that he felt he had to resign.


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