Friday, December 08, 2017


Somebody on Facebook objected to tax breaks for businesses being counted as subsidies.
Corporations are subsidized by the rest of us paying for the things they need, like roads, educated workers, police, fire fighters. Eg., it's taxpayer money paying the fire people fighting the wildfires in California, protecting their homes and businesses.

Discussion on radio on the tax bill. They mentioned that corporation savings were likely to be passed on to shareholders, which would cause stock prices to rise.
An example of why a high stock market doesn't mean the economy is good for the non-rich.

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson 'scared to go anywhere' since her sexual assault allegation
[Ah yes, those wonderful Alabama values, threatening children because their mother reported on the actions of a child molester.]

Eco-friendly Salt Alternatives for Melting Ice and Snow

Beet Juice And Cheese Brine Used As Road Salt Alternatives

Calcium chloride is just as commonly used to melt ice on the streets as sodium chloride is. In fact, it's cheaper than sodium chloride. Companies manufacture large amounts of calcium chloride from brines and other natural materials that can be used for the same purpose.

Just a Little Weight Loss May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Man who saved rabbit from California wildfires explains his decision

Debunking the Myth: Obama’s Two-Year Supermajority

Songbirds Shift Migration Patterns to Sync with Warming

U.S. Disbands Group That Prepared Cities for Climate Shocks

Taurine lends hand to repair cells damaged in multiple sclerosis

Consuming sugary drinks during pregnancy may increase asthma risk in mid-childhood

Screen time before bed linked with less sleep, higher BMIs in kids

Mindful yoga can reduce risky behaviors in troubled youth, says UC research

Could death rates have swung the 2016 election?

Duration of sleep increases and sleeping difficulties decrease after retirement
[A wonderful thing about retirement is being able to get enough sleep.]

People with Huntington's want more openness around assisted dying

Temple research: Canola oil linked to worsened memory & learning ability in Alzheimer's in mice

Age-related hearing loss may be a risk factor for cognitive decline, impairment and dementia.

Age-related hearing loss may be a risk factor for cognitive decline, impairment and dementia.

Inadequate regulation for vaginal mesh products has exposed women to unnecessary harms, warn experts
[Libertarians will be happy these business were not subject to adequate regulation.]

Crafty crows know what it takes to make a good tool

Cultures around the world share the belief that atheists lack morality. The evidence, however, tells a different story.

Hitting Your Kids Increases Their Risk of Mental Illness

Families who raise children without hitting them

Trump admin scraps Obama-era proposal requiring airlines to disclose bag fees

NASA’s plan to save Earth from a giant asteroid

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