Friday, December 22, 2017


Trump is chummy with leaders who oppress and murder their people, but he wants to withhold money for countries who express disagreement with his attempt to foster violence by claiming Jerusalem as capital of Israel. If he had been born poor, I believe he would have been a mob boss.

NPR just announced on the radio that the CDC says they didn't ban the seven words that were reported by the Washington Post, and that there would be a report later in the day. They repeated this twice. No mention of nuances in their own on-line report.

"But Fitzgerald did not deny that some staff may have been instructed to avoid certain language in key budget documents."

Jim Clapper Just Nuked the Trump Presidency

Wall Street Journal Killed Editorial on Trump’s Mob Ties

Trump halts funding for offshore drilling safety study

Sessions rescinds Obama-era letter to local courts on fines and fees for poor defendants

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