Thursday, December 21, 2017


End of an era: Boeing 747 takes last US commercial flight

Alabama to freeze enrollment in children's health program in two weeks

Allergic to eggs? You can now get the flu shot, new guidelines say

Amtrak derailment spotlights delay in train safety upgrades
PTC was originally supposed to be in place nationwide two years ago, but lawmakers pushed back the deadline at the urging of industry groups.
[The republican Congress, protecting our freedom from regulation.]

The Trump administration directed the CDC to consider community standards to modify scientific evidence. Tut they have stopped allowing Democratic Senators to veto the appointment of lifetime judges to their state.

republicans used this to do massive blocking of President Obama's judicial appointments. But they do not stick to the bargain. Typical republicans.

Inequality and Consumption

Donald Trump threatens to cut aid to countries over UN Jerusalem vote

The Texas boys were beaten, abused, raped. Now all they want is an apology

Global Warming causing Ocean Deoxygenation

Court of Appeals Sides With Songwriters, Publishers on Fractionalized Licensing

Scientists just presented a sweeping new estimate of how much humans have transformed the planet

An ‘E! News’ anchor found out she earns half what her male co-host makes. So she quit.

Nearly 2 million children will lose health coverage starting next month if Congress doesn’t renew funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by Friday, a new report projecvts.

Why we shouldn't mess too much with the moon.
Nor does Earth’s tilt change drastically over millions of years, thanks to the influence of the moon.

Eat your vegetables: Nutrients in leafy greens may help prevent dementia

Chocolate poisoning risk to dogs at Christmas

Nuclear regulator downplays safety warnings

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