Thursday, December 28, 2017


Internet's slow the last couple of days. Some big hacking event, or the bad weather up north from the arctic incursion?

Claire’s issues recall after family finds asbestos in makeup

Risks of Harm from Spanking Confirmed by Analysis of Five Decades of Research
[This fits my observation of famillies during more than a decade of baby-sitting. Children whose parents spanked them were harder to manage.]

Roy Moore is contesting his loss in Alabama. One of the pieces of "evidence" he claims shows voter fraud is that there was a bigger than expected turn out. If he is so stupid that he doesn't know that his nutty stands, and the revelations of his sexual predations on girls, caused a bigger than normal turnout, it is really a good thing not to have him in Congress.

First supermoon of 2018 coincides with New Year's Day

Exercise to Improve Memory and Slow Dementia

Death in an Amazon dumpster

Hurricanes and heatwaves: stark signs of climate change 'new normal'

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