Thursday, December 07, 2017


Since the last update of Windows 10, my computer shows a black screen when turned on after Sleep. Have to force it off with the power button, then start again. I changed my options for what the computer does when not used for awhile, or on actions like closing the computer, and changed the sleep options to something else.

Trump is either a fool, or is trying to get the U.S. attacked, because he knows Americans in the past have re-elected unpopular presidents when we were fighting such things. In that case, he is a traitor. If he is doing this to distruact us from things like the Mueller investigation, he is a traitor.

VW Executive Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Diesel Role

Why people deny facts

VA slashes program that helps homeless veterans obtain housing

ExxonMobil opposes ALEC's attempt to fight EPA climate policy
[Wow! Exxon Mobile has been one of the biggest supporter of climate change denialism in the past. Maybe they are finally facing up to the problems they have laid up for their children and grandchildren.]

America's homeless population rises for the first time since the Great Recession

Air pollution harm to unborn babies may be global health catastrophe, warn doctors

US government report finds steady and persistent global warming

The United States experienced its 7th warmest November and 10th warmest autumn

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