Saturday, December 16, 2017

Feed and Freeze

I wrote this song after reading a few years ago that there are children in our country who routinely lose weight in the winter because their families cannot afford both enough food and heat. And of course people need more food when they are cold.

And things are worse now (May 2014), with the cutback of food and unemployment benefits while so many people are still unable to find jobs. There are still almost three people out of work for every job opening. And not all "job openings" are really job openings.

Oct. 2014, still about two people out of work for every so-called job opening.

Sept. 2016, things are much better, still too many hungry children.

Feed and Freeze
copyright 2001 Patricia M. Shannon

If I feed my my children, they will freeze
'cause the gas bill is so high.
When they say "Mama, mama, can I have some food",
sometimes I just break down and cry,
sometimes I just break down and cry.

They don't understand that I don't have enough food
for them to have their fill.
I have to pay the heating bill
'cause it's cold enough to kill;
it's cold enough to kill;

We turn the thermostat way down
and wear a lot of clothes.
We hang out at the Waffle House,
but the heating bill just grows and grows,
the heating bill just grows.


They say you'll be a big success
if you work really hard.
But I slave all day at the fast food place
and the minimum wage is my reward,
the minimum's my reward

They say they can't pay anymore,
the economy's too slow;
Profits are down, but they gave a raise
and a bonus to the CEO;
a big bonus to the CEO.


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