Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Samsun DVD writer "instructions" suck

I bought a Samsung DVD writer yesterday. It includes a sheet of paper with pictures showing how to connect the cable from the player to the device. The rest of the "instructions" :
Please read the user manual carefully before using this product, ...These can be found on the provided CD or by visiting the website ...

I'm really mad at Samsung. I am happy with my Samsung cell phone (non-smart). But the DVD writer I bought yesterday doesn't come with a paper manual, it apparently doesn't have an on-line manual. The installation disk is supposed to have a manual, I don't know what quality, and the hole on the installation disk doesn't fit on the projection where it's supposed to go. I've already spent more time than reasonable. I'm taking it back to Micro Center.

Another update:
I decided to give it another try, and got my DVD player working. It turned out I had to press down gently to make the hub thing go down. And after I wasted a lot of time, turned out I didn't need to install something from the CD to use it.

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