Saturday, June 03, 2017

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What are some of the positive skills you learnt from dealing with a narcissist?

The world’s most dangerous mushroom

Former Army General Lambasts Oil Industry for 'Hijacking' Democracy

Why Do They Hate Her?
Hillary Clinton is the most maligned presidential loser in history. What’s going on?
I know from personal experience that some people dislike capable women

MIT to Trump: Stop Citing Our Climate Research If You Don’t Understand It

President Trump "believes the climate is changing, and he believes pollutants are part of that equation," U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Saturday in an interview with Face the Nation, just two days after Mr. Trump announced he would withdraw the United States from a global pact aimed at curbing the effects of man-made climate change.

Factcheck Shows Trump's Climate Speech Was Full of Misleading Statements

Kushner tapped program meant for job-starved areas to build a luxury skyscraper

Michael Bloomberg: I'll make sure UN gets $15 million it needs for Paris agreement

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