Thursday, June 15, 2017

Informative links

Wind and solar accounted for more than 10 percent of U.S. electricity generation for the first time in March

Parents convicted in baby's death linked to alternative diet

Labor shortages? Blame corporate America

President Trump’s proposed cuts to the State Department and U.S. development aid would endanger American troops and make the country “less safe” from terrorism, a group of senior retired military officers are warning Congress

Mastermind of lottery fraud will tell how he rigged jackpots

As a prosecutor, Kamala Harris’s doggedness was praised. As a senator, she’s deemed ‘hysterical.’
I noticed on at least one of the questions that Sessions obviously did not want to give a straight answer to, he launched into a long speech on wanting to protect Americans from crime. It sounded like he was making a campaign speech. I thought he was trying to make up to his base for the next time he ran for office.
Another motivation was pointed out in the article:
"Each member of the committee had a limited number of minutes to question Sessions"
So he was undoubtedly also trying to run off the timer for that questioner.

New evidence that all stars are born in pairs

U.N. says 300 civilians killed in U.S.-led air strikes in Raqqa since March

Flint water crisis: 5 officials face manslaughter charges

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