Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heat Wave Setting Record Highs in the Midwest and Northeast Early This Week


Linda Lam
Published: June 13, 2017

A weather pattern change has ushered in summerlike heat and record temperatures for the Midwest and Northeast early this week.

For many in the East, this taste of summer is a welcome sight, given the recent cool and wet pattern that dominated the region in early June.

This rise in temperatures across the Midwest and Northeast is due to a change in the upper-level weather pattern.

An upper-level trough, or southward dip in the jet stream, has dug into the Pacific Northwest, allowing a strong upper-level ridge of high pressure, or northward bulge in the jet stream, to build east of the Rockies.

The heat that has built underneath the aforementioned ridge of high pressure broke or tied several daily record highs in the Great Lakes and Northeast on Monday. This included Atlantic City, New Jersey (94 degrees), Allentown, Pennsylvania (92 degrees - tied), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (92 degrees - tied), Lansing, Michigan (95 degrees - tied), Worcester, Massachusetts (90 degrees - tied), Providence, Rhode Island (95 degrees), New York City (93 degrees - tied), Newark, New Jersey (97 degrees), Cleveland (93 degrees - tied), Albany, New York (95 degrees), Washington D.C. (95 degrees - tied), and Bridgeport, Connecticut (93 degrees).

While not a record, Chicago reached 95 degrees Monday, which was the first time Chicago had been that hot since Sept. 10, 2013.

Additional records were set in the Plains, Midwest and East during the past weekend. For a full listing, see the bottom of this article.


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