Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Facebook manipulators

From a Facebook comment I saw:

There's a business in Facebook, of liking and sharing, people get paid for it . often it involves a sick child in bed or a hurt animal or things of that nature that Force reactions from people and get likes and shares. This builds up stats and those stats are what they get paid for because of advertisements.snd agendas.
I spoke to a really right-wing string and they were in no way ashamed of the fact that this person's job was to acquire information, steal it -and then manipulate it into algorithms for Facebook for the sole purpose of getting people to support a political candidate in the United States. This person was a Freemason. I told him I had suspected that these algorithms were being developed because a lot of the provocateurs are on Facebook seemed professional. He verified my suspicions and let me know that that was his profession. And let me tell you this guy was living pretty well. I guess the bottom line is we need to gain some awareness into the source of certain kinds of memes and when you see people like really going off the handle on the right wing on social media , no pun intended...🌞 they may be following instructions and patterns and algorithms that were given to them to follow by professional propagandists. This alone has been very interesting and its effect on our society will be long-lasting.

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