Monday, June 05, 2017

How the United States Looked Before the EPA

I'm still using my old computer, so it took too long when I tried to find a way to include some of the photos in my blog.

Kacy Burdette
Feb 28, 2017

Back in 1970, then-President Richard Nixon signed an executive order establishing the Environmental Protection Agency. Just after its creation, the EPA created a photo-documentary project called "Project Documerica." Its purpose? To "record the state of the environment and efforts to improve it."

Similar to the famous photography program by Rex Tugwell's and Roy Stryker's Farm Security Administration, which depicted daily life in Depression-era America, the project examined the "rapid decaying" of the United States' environment. It focused on "environmental concerns of the early 1970s: water, air, and noise pollution; unchecked urbanization; poverty; environmental impact on public health; and youth culture of the day." The project also showed the country's commitment to solving these problems by showing "positive images of human life and Americans’ reactions, responses, and resourcefulness."


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