Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Informative links

Fevers During Pregnancy May Raise Autism Risk, Study Shows

The “But That’s Just the Old Testament!” Cop-Out

Apple's Tim Cook: 'Don't listen to trolls, and for God's sake don't become one'

The Annie E. Caseu Foundation report on state trends in child well-being

He carried out the death penalty as a governor. Hopes others put it to rest.

DynCorp workers accused of bilking State Department out of millions in Iraq

NASA Creates Extremely Accurate Map for August's Total Solar Eclipse

French President Macron Wants American Researchers to Help 'Make Our Planet Great Again' By Moving to France

Bangladesh Landslides, Triggered by Torrential Rainfall, Kill 68

Dust Bowl-ification of U.S. Southwest leads to 8-fold jump in Valley Fever cases
New research directly links the rise in Valley Fever to the rise in dust storms, which in turn is driven by climate change.

South Florida Storms Trigger Flooding; Dozens of Flights Canceled in Miami

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