Index to songs and poems - updated Dec. 4, 2017

My poems and songs

The Aching Body and the Hungry Belly Blues

Anything is easy    See also "Nothing is Too Hard"

Atlanta Driving

Children Aren't the Enemy

The Choice


Don't Kill the Whales

Feed and Freeze

Forged in the Stars, Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Forged in the Stars

A Good Dream

Growing Up or Growing Down?

Hunger Walk Song    includes link to free sheet music

I Am the Mountain

I Love to Walk

Just a Dog

The Light of Love

Love Lights the Way

My Computer Has a Mind of Its Own

My Most-Hated Stuff

No More!

No More War    includes link to free sheet music

Not enough thinking

Nothing is too hard    See also "Anything Is Easy"

Ode to Spring

The Oneness of Being

Parents' Days

A Piece of Paradise

Point of View

Pseudo-Patriots    includes link to free sheet music

Puff's Happy Ending

Restore Yourself


The Shades of Light

Sleepy-time Blues

The Soul of the Earth

Spirit, Draw Near

Star Light, Star Bright

The Stranger in the Mirror

Surplus Goods

Take Care of Our Planet

Too Late

Waffle House Blues

We Can't Really Throw Things Away    includes link to free sheet music

Welfare Religion

We're not What We Say We Are

What Kind of Job is Important

What Kind of World


Oher people's poems and songs


Do It Now

Emmanuel Kelly - Imagine

Global Warming Songs by Todd Smith

For All Our Sons and Daughters Too

I'll Occupy

I'm Still Hungry

Mother Earth, by Neil Young

My Name is Chris

No More!

Pippi the Schnoo

Vampire Clan
I have written music for this.