Thursday, June 08, 2017

Expanding Heat Across India

June 08, 2017 Anjali Jaiswal

This is shaping up to be another very hot year in India, where climate-fueled temperatures are again taking a heavy toll. The good news is that efforts to protect and prepare Indians are heating up, too, across India.


In recent weeks, temperatures have spiked in the lead up to the monsoon across India. People, especially the most vulnerable—children, the elderly and the poor—have suffered in the scorching heat. Deaths have been widely reported this year. And over the past four years more than, over 4,600 people have died from extreme heat, per the Indian government. Climate change is driving temperatures higher and increasing the frequency and severity of heat waves.


This interim issue brief describes the innovative cool roof pilot projects deployed by the cities of Ahmedabad and Hyderabad this year. Simple steps such as painting roofs with lime-based white wash, adding tarp-like coverings or white ceramic tiles—low cost, high-impact measures—can help bring roof surface temperatures down by as much as 30 degrees centigrade (54 F) and reduce indoor temperatures by 3 5.4 F) to 7 degrees centigrade (12.6 F).


This advance in climate adaptation efforts demonstrates that India—especially through city and state action—is taking seriously its commitments to combat climate change. Through this progress, India is showing the world that, as we work together to fight climate change, we can take smart steps right now to shield millions of people from killer heat waves.

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