Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tennessee bill allows anyone – even relatives of rapists – to sue abortion providers




Maya Yang
Mon 21 Mar 2022 10.47 EDT


The Tennessee state house is considering a “Texas-style” abortion ban that would allow relatives, friends, neighbors and the spouse of a rapist to sue anyone who provides or assists in the provision of abortion services to his victim.

The bill, which would ban abortion entirely with no exceptions for rape or incest, cleared one hurdle last week, when a health subcommittee passed it. 


Although rape victims could not be sued under the bill, the bill would “allow investigators to ask people who lose a pregnancy how it was lost”, said Rejul Bejoy, a legislative attorney.

In 2019, nearly 6,000 cases of sexual assault were reported to Tennessee law enforcement agencies. According to the state department of health, children between 14 and 17 had the highest rate of sexual assault victimization.


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