Thursday, March 03, 2022

Australia flooding: Half a million told to evacuate or be ready to as torrential rain lashes Sydney


Hard to feel sorry for the ones who have been voting for climate denialists.

Thursday 3 March 2022 10:33, UK

Half a million people in and around Sydney have now been told to evacuate or prepare to flee flooding as record breaking rain lashed an unusually long stretch of Australia's east coast.

The brutal rain has already claimed several lives and damaged thousands of properties.


Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has warned of life-threatening flash flooding and dangerous winds of potentially more than 56mph (90kph).


The climate crisis is driving temperature changes in Australia, where heat is rising faster than the global average, allowing the atmosphere to hold more moisture, making rain more extreme.


By ROD McGUIRK and JOHN PYEMarch 1, 2022

Schrinner said the six-day rainfall in downtown Brisbane — 792.8 millimeters (31.2 inches) through Monday morning — was significantly higher than the previous record of 655.8 millimeters (25.8 inches) set when flooding devastated the city in 1974.  [This was two days ago, they have had more rain since then.]


Lesley Hughes, an Australian academic and lead author of the U.N. IPCC assessment reports in 2007 and 2015, said climate change was expected to overwhelm government systems such as flood responses.

“We can see that our emergency services are struggling already to cope with the floods in northern New South Wales with people stranded on roofs without food for more than 24 hours,” Hughes said.

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