Thursday, June 10, 2021

New research shows link between politics, boredom and breaking public-health rules

Seems paradoxical at first, since conservatives tend to have stronger fear reactions.  Maybe their fear restricts their activities enough to cause them to have a more restricted life in general, and that causes boredom?


News Release 10-Jun-2021
University of Waterloo


People who are more prone to boredom and who are socially conservative are more likely to break public-health rules, according to new psychology research.

While previous research demonstrated a connection between being highly prone to boredom and breaking social-distancing rules, this study demonstrated the association was more prominent as participants' social conservatism increased.

"Many public-health measures such as wearing a mask or getting a vaccine have become highly politicized," said James Danckert, professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo. "People who find these measures a threat to their identity, and who suffer from boredom a lot, find breaking the rules helps them re-establish a sense of meaning and identity. Boredom threatens our need to make meaning out of life and some things such as politics can strengthen our sense of identity and meaning."


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