Sunday, June 06, 2021

Immune therapy after surgery lowers relapse risk in patients with high-risk melanoma


News Release 3-Jun-2021
Results of SWOG S1404 trial to be reported at ASCO 2021
SWOG Cancer Research Network


Patients with high-risk melanoma who had a course of pembrolizumab after their surgery had a longer time before their disease recurred than patients who got either ipilimumab or high-dose interferon after surgery. These findings of a large SWOG Cancer Research Network clinical trial, S1404, will be presented at the ASCO annual meeting June 6, 2021.

Researchers also measured overall survival and found no statistically significant difference in overall survival rates between the two groups of patients three and one-half years after the last patient enrolled to the trial. They did find, however, that patients taking pembrolizumab had fewer serious side effects than those treated with either high-dose interferon or ipilimumab.


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