Friday, December 14, 2018

republican Scott Walker signs bills to limit powers of incoming Wisconsin Democrats

A majority of Wisconsin voters voted for Democrats for the state legislature, but a majority of republicans were elected because of gerrymandering.

Ben Jacobs
Fri 14 Dec 2018 14.05 EST

Scott Walker, the outgoing Wisconsin governor, has signed a raft of legislation passed by the Republican state legislature that restricts the power of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general as well as limits early voting in the state.
Courts likely to strike down Republican lame-duck power grabs, experts say
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Democrats have decried the move as a brutal power grab aimed at hobbling their new administration and an undemocratic ploy that ignores the will of the state’s voters in the recent midterm elections. They have also threatened litigation.

Walker signed the bills just 24 days before he leaves office.


Walker was urged by Democrats and Republicans, including Democratic governor-elect Tony Evers and former Republican governor Scott McCallum, to reject the legislation.


Republican leaders and Walker moved forward with the proposals immediately after Evers defeated the governor as part of a Democratic sweep of statewide offices. The push is aimed at safeguarding conservative policies put in place during Walker’s eight years as governor and mirrors tactics used by Republicans in North Carolina in 2016. Republicans in Michigan are weighing similar moves.


The measures would also block Evers from withdrawing Wisconsin from a multistate lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act, one of his central campaign promises.


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