Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Chaos on French highways as 'yellow vests' torch toll booths

Toll roads are immoral. They are regressive, taking a larger proportion of lower income people's income. And toll lanes allow people who can afford them to have faster travel times than those who can't. This is the reason they are so popular with conservatives.


December 18, 2018

French “yellow vest” protesters occupied highway toll booths, setting a number on fire and causing transport chaos in parts of the country just days before the Christmas holidays getaway.


I don't agree with the yellow vests on everything. We need speed limits that keep traffic at a safe speed. And high speeds cause more pollution that damages our health, and contribute more to global warming.

Protesters angry about high fuel costs and new speed limits have also damaged or torched hundreds of traffic radars.

Radars-auto.com estimated that by the middle of last week some 1,600 - about half of all French traffic radars - had been damaged. More than 250 have been entirely destroyed, it said.


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