Wednesday, November 14, 2018

U.S. military in 'crisis,' could lose a war to Russia and China, report warns

So what do republicans do - cut taxes, resulting in less money available for defense.

Of course, we hope we never have an all-out war with Russia or China, but looking at history, we cannot be assured it will never happen.

By Alex Johnson
Nov. 14, 2018

The United States faces a "crisis of national security" because its historic military supremacy has eroded drastically, leaving it likely unable to fight more than a single war at a time, according to a congressionally chartered report released Wednesday.


The report concludes that the Defense Department isn't financially or strategically set up to wage two wars at once and could even lose a war against China or Russia individually.

"The U.S. military could suffer unacceptably high casualties and loss of major capital assets in its next conflict," it said.


"the United States has significantly weakened its own defense due to political dysfunction and decisions made by both Republicans as well as Democrats," he wrote, citing defense budget cuts in recent years, "with pronounced detrimental effects on the size, modernization, and readiness of the military."

President Donald Trump last week asked the Defense Department to cut $16 billion more next year from its budget, which currently is at $716 billion — a further 2¼ percent reduction.


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