Monday, November 12, 2018

California Fire Experts To Donald Trump: Malibu Is Not a Forest

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Mary Papenfuss
November 12, 2018

Donald Trump was slammed over the weekend for criticizing California’s “forest management” while firefighters and residents were battling three major wildfires. But experts also pointed out to the president that places like Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Paradise were not “forests.”


The Hill and Woolsey fires in Ventura and Los Angeles County have destroyed thousands of structures in southern California, one of the most highly populated areas of the United States.

“There are no forests to manage here,” UCLA geography professor Martin MacDonald, who was forced to evacuate from his Southern California home, told The Daily Beast on Sunday.

MacDonald called Trump’s tweet an “insult and so uninformed. It was a statement made with insensitivity and ignorance.”


Also, the federal government manages close to 60 percent of the forests in the state, and most of the rest are privately owned by families, companies and Native American tribes.

Although California wildfires have occurred naturally over the centuries, climate change is making them worse. Temperatures remain high for longer stretches of the year, rainfall has dropped and hot dry winds have increased.

Trump calls climate change a “hoax.”

“If you look at the 20 biggest fires in the state, 15 of those have happened since 2000,” MacDonald told the Beast.


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