Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Parents shouldn't worry if their infant doesn't sleep through the night by a year old

Public Release: 14-Nov-2018
Study of close to 400 infants found no association between interrupted sleep and later developmental problems
McGill University

New parents often expect their baby to start sleeping through the night by around six months of age. Indeed, they often receive messages from paediatricians and others about the importance of early sleep consolidation. But authors of a study in the December 2018 issue of Pediatrics found that a large percentage of healthy babies don't reach that milestone by six months of age, or even at a year old. The McGill-led research team also examined whether infants who didn't sleep for six or eight consecutive hours were more likely to have problems with psychomotor and mental development, and found no association. The researchers also found no correlation between infants waking up at night and their mothers' postnatal mood.


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