Friday, September 21, 2018

Sept. 21, 2018
A new round of evacuations was ordered in South Carolina as the trillions of gallons of water dumped by Hurricane Florence meanders to the sea, raising river levels and threatening more destruction. With the crisis slowly moving to South Carolina, emergency managers on Friday ordered about 500 people to flee homes along the Lynches River. The National Weather Service said the river could reach record flood levels late Saturday or early Sunday, and shelters are open.

September Equinox 2018 will be at 9:54 PM on
Saturday, September 22
All times are in Eastern Time.
Sept. 21, 2018
Over 3 million people died from alcohol consumption in 2016, equating to 1 in 20 deaths globally, according to a new report by the World Health Organization.
More than 75% of these deaths were among men, says the report, published Friday.
The largest cause of death -- 28% -- was due to injuries. This was followed by 21% of deaths due to digestive disorders and 19% due to cardiovascular diseases. The remaining causes of death were infectious diseases, cancers, mental disorders and other health conditions attributable to drinking alcohol.
Alcohol consumption was also found to cause more than 5% of the global disease burden and reported to be a causal factor in over 200 disease and injury conditions.
An estimated 237 million men and 46 million women worldwide are affected by disorders due to alcohol consumption, with the European region most affected, followed by the Americas.
A recent study found that no amount of alcohol is safe for your overall health, with any benefits offset by higher risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other conditions.
"While there may be a slight benefit to heart and circulatory health from modest drinking, many studies have shown that the overall health risks of drinking alcohol outweigh any benefits," said Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, in a previous report.

Emily Holmes
September 19 at 9:53 AM ·
Right now, all over the country, teenage girls are waking up to newsfeeds full of posts written by adults in their lives that say teenage boys attempting to rape them is "just how boys are" and "they can't help themselves" and "they grow out of it" and "it was just a little harmless fun."
Think about what that must be doing to them.
And when you're done thinking about that, imagine all the teenage boys reading the same thing.

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