Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Sept. 20, 2018
'Treating protest as terrorism': US plans crackdown on Keystone XL activists

in reply to a Facebook post on what a conservative sees in Trump:
I see a man blocking action on pollution that is making us ill, shortening our lives, damaging the brains of children.
I see a man who is blocking action on global warming, which is already killing people thru more frequent and stronger rain and snow events, larger hurricanes, rising seas leading to stronger storm surges. Which is leading to larger wildfires. Which is already leading to crop failures in many places. Which will lead devastation for our children and grandchildren.
I see a man who is packing our courts with people who will rule against us in favor of enabling big business to hurt our health and finances for the sake of making very rich people even richer.
I see a man who is giving big tax cuts to the very rich, small ones if any to the middle and lower wage classes, making inequality even wider, which history has shown leads to big recessions and depressions.
I see a man who lies incessantly, claiming credit for things that didn't even happen, or that were well underway before he became president.
I see a man who appointed a secretary of education who is trying to make it harder for people who say they've been defrauded by their schools to have their student loans cancelled.
I see a man who has been such a bad businessman he can't get loans from U.S. banks, so he has to get them from Russia.
I see a man who is so uncaring about the welfare of our country that he doesn't want it revealed if any of his supporters are working for the Russians.
I see a country where the percent of adults in the labor force is virtually unchanged since he became president.
I see a man who is raising the national debt to its highest levels, which will be used as reasons to cut Social Security, Medicare, health care for children, food for children, etc.
I see a man whose actions encourage sexual attacks on the female children and grandchildren people profess to love.

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