Friday, September 14, 2018

Sept. 13, 2018
The last Volkswagen Beetle will roll off the line next year
Feb. 3, 2018
Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies
Sept. 13, 2018
A Missouri woman failed to give her dying daughter pain medications and instead took the meds herself, according to charges announced Wednesday by the Troy Police Department.
Nobody is paying for ailing children's organ transplants or life-saving surgeries based on how often a social media post is shared.
Sept. 13, 2018
Hurricanes are categorized based on winds. However, arguably the most dire concern with Florence is with water. Put simply, Florence is a "Category 5 flood threat."
According to the National Hurricane Center, rainfall could total 20 to 40 inches in coastal North Carolina, and rainfall of 6 to as much as 15 inches is possible in several other states in the Southeast and Appalachians.
You don't need rain nearly as heavy as what is being forecast near the coast of the Carolinas to trigger major flash flooding and river flooding in the Appalachians, due to the runoff enhancement of terrain.
Florence may produce heavy rain along the slopes of the Appalachians from north Georgia into West Virginia into early next week. This could lead to numerous rockslides and mudslides.
If that wasn't enough, trees may be more easily toppled by winds than otherwise when soil is saturated from either heavy rain or storm-surge flooding.
According to a National Hurricane Center study, roughly three of every four deaths in tropical cyclones in the U.S. are from water, either from storm surge (49 percent) or rainfall flooding (27 percent). Only 8 percent of U.S. deaths are from wind. 

People sometimes ask what is the use of studying geometry and trigonometry. Besides training the brain to think, if you only remember the basics of right triangles, it is obvious that a rise in sea level, or a storm surge, of a certain height can mean the water will come inland much farther than that.

If republican politicians were decent, honorable, and patriotic, they wouldn't tell such big lies in order to get your vote, to benefit their super-rich donors.

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