Wednesday, November 26, 2014

News Media not doing its job

Someone else posted this on Facebook. It did not have Public share permissions, so I'm copying it w/o attribution because he puts it well.

I really think the News Media is doing Our Country great harm. I saw all kinds of news clips, articles, etc. that said various things like Michael Brown was shot in the back, Brown was beaten, etc. to indicate that their was no cause for the policeman to do anything. THESE REPORTS THE MEDIA WAS PUTTING OUT ENDED UP MOSTLY ABSOLUTELY WRONG. By putting the untruths on National TV and Local TV, The Media led a lot of people in the wrong direction. SOMEBODY OR WE AS A WHOLE NEED TO REQUIRE NEWS MEDIA TO TELL THE TRUTH AND NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO BE MISLED BY THEIR COVERAGES. By running these erroneous reports over and over again only make them seem like they must be true and the people who want to believe these untruthful reports end up thinking that something bad has occurred and law enforcement is covering it up.

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