Saturday, November 15, 2014

Georgia ranks 6th in child abuse deaths

Of course, the station, being beholden to big money, doesn't mention that the Republican-dominated government of Georgia chooses not to fund this adequately.

A Republican told me he didn't want to pay taxes for the state help these children. As an excuse, he said if the children were removed from home, they "might" be abused in foster care or group care. But from the rest of the conversation, it was clear he just didn't want to pay taxes for this. He is a professor at a college.

March 4, 2014

A report given to Congress by the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services says Georgia has the sixth worst child fatality rate in the nation.

Only five other states --Michigan, Vermont, Texas, New Mexico and Florida -- had higher fatality rates for abuse and neglect.

The year Georgia earned that ranking, 77 children died from abuse or neglect. An even newer state reportsays in 2012 maltreatment was either the direct cause or contributing factor in the deaths of 83 young lives.

11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom shared the child fatality numbers and heavily redacted corresponding reports she's obtained from DFCS with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.


Ashley Willcott, the new director for the Office of the Child Advocate, passionately believes we need to protect children's privacy. She agreed that DFCS could be more forthcoming with information.


"One agency unfortunately cannot fix everything, but if all the people work together, we can only raise the bar and make it better," said Wilcott.


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