Sunday, March 15, 2009

World faces 'irreversible' climate change, researchers warn

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CNN) -- The world is facing an increasing risk of "irreversible" climate shifts because worst-case scenarios warned of two years ago are being realized, an international panel of scientists has warned.

Temperatures, sea levels, acid levels in oceans and ice sheets were already moving "beyond the patterns of natural variability within which our society and economy have developed and thrived," scientists said in a report released Thursday.

The findings came at the end of a three-day conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where nearly 2,000 researchers gathered to discuss climate change.

The group called on policy-makers to use all tools available to reduce dangerous emissions of greenhouse gases.

The current climate situation on the planet may be as severe as the worst-case scenarios predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which issued warnings in 2007 of a future beset by flooding, drought, storms and mass extinction of species.

In its report, the researchers also warned of potential social costs across the planet because of climate change.

Temperature rises above 2 degrees Celsius would lead to climate disruption for the rest of the century and disproportionately affect poor nations, the researchers warned.

"Recent observations show that societies are highly vulnerable to even modest levels of climate change, with poor nations and communities particularly at risk," the report said.


mamvas said...

is this a very serious problem of the climate change
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Patricia said...

Thank you.
Yes, I saw "An Inconvenient Truth". I already knew most of the facts, but seeing the pictures was very moving.

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