Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mac Frampton

A sign of how sick the music business in this country is, is that so few people have heard of Mac Frampton, a wonderful, wonderful pianist. The luck few who have heard him rave about him. When I heard him in Huntsville when he was starting out, I was sure he would be famous around the world by now.

Even this lo-res video is amazing:


I am so glad he's coming to Atlanta in July.



Unknown said...

My Google Alerts let me know about this lovely blog. Thank you for your very very kind words. Yes, the music business is truly amazing, but I'm very proud of the career I have been able to forge. Nothing is easy any more, and unfortunately at about the same time as I was starting out, piano music began to fade from the music scene. No one has replaced the great generation of Roger Williams, Peter Nero, Ferrante & Teicher, Liberace, Victor Borge, and many others. It is truly a sad commentary. Again, thank you for your words, and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta this summer! Mac Frampton

Patricia said...

Wow, a reply from Mac.

What I would say is that Mac Frampton has replaced these greats, it's just that not enough people know it!

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