Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Scottish opinion on Trump

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Jamie Klem
Yesterday at 8:58 AM (Oct. 1, 2018)

What Trump did to protected ecosystem in Scotland: He bought the land but the agreement for getting planning permission was that the area of scientific interest was to be protected. Once planning permission was granted the bulldozers arrived at midnight and demolished all the sand dunes so the eco system disappeared overnight. The trump organisation then argued that it couldn't be restored as it had taken hundreds of years to develop so the local authority had little power to do anything about it. The Trump organisation then cut off power and water to the houses and farms who would not sell to him. The neighbours of the golf club still have problems around access to their homes as well as problems with utilities. Some of the homes overlooked the sea but large trees have been planted to hide the houses. The area of scientific interest no longer exists and the promised hotels and new housing never materialised. Neither did the promised jobs. The golf club is losing money and has done next to nothing for the local economy. Here in the North East of Scotland Donald Trump would not be made welcome and indeed he was not made welcome when he visited Scotland last year. Our First Minister chose to lead a Pride March rather than arrange a meeting with Mr Trump. Here in Scotland we welcome pretty much anyone but reject Mr Trump on both his business approach and his political stance on a number of key areas.

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