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[humor, satire. The web site has some really funny satire.]
Experts Say Vast Deserts, Absence Of Life, May Indicate Mars Was Once Run By Conservatives
In a recent revelation, published in the respectably obscure scientific journal Knock Knock Who’s There Science Science Who Too Late, a team of experts from the University of Atlantis released their analysis of what ultimately caused Mars to become a barren dustbowl of shattered galactic dreams: entirely avoidable environmental disaster coupled with unresponsive conservative governance.
“We even discovered an ancient script, quoting what seems to have been one of the last Martian leaders. A spectacularly short-sighted individual whose name time has erased, this character memorably claimed that the warnings of his leading scientists – that their planet was destined to become a dust factory – were a hoax. Because they had an agenda. Which appears to have been wanting to avoid extinction.”

[Another jewel.]
Needing Governments To Act, Scientists Rename Climate Change “Illegal Temperature Migration”

If, at appears, journalist Jamal Khashoggi was tortured, the people responsibility are uncivilized barbarians. But considering their torture of other people, we already know that.

[Another state which elects politicians who block action on global warming gets hit by severe flooding, whose incidence and severity are being increased by global warming.]
Oct. 18, 2018
Across Central Texas and the Hill Country, heavy rain has led to catastrophic flooding in the past week. A bridge over the Llano River collapsed outside Kingsland on Tuesday and waters continue to rise, with homes flooding in Kingsland, Marble Falls and Granite Shoals. With more rainfall in the forecast, state and local officials are working to manage floodwaters before they move downstream.
Eight floodgates are likely to open on the Mansfield Dam above Lake Austin as more rainfall is expected over the next few days. The Lower Colorado River Authority, which operates the Highland Lakes dams, calls the potential move “an unprecedented action.”
Oct. 18, 2018
Former President Jimmy Carter didn’t mince words while discussing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during a visit to Emory University on Thursday.
The 39th president called Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the highest court in the land “a very serious mistake” while speaking to a civil rights class, The Emory Wheel first reported.
“Whether or not [Kavanaugh] attempted to rape a woman ... I thought he was temperamentally unfit to serve on the Supreme Court because of his outburst during the hearing,” Carter can be heard telling the students in a video posted to Facebook.
“I think most of the American people were not in favor of his being on the Supreme Court,” he added. “Judging by his previous legal career, he was very qualified. But ... I think he did attack her sexually and I know that I saw him lose his cool.”
Oct. 17, 2018
An Ohio mom is urging other families to have their children vaccinated against the flu after her 4-year-old son died from the disease.
Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of children die from flu-related complications every year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports.
“That number doesn’t seem like a lot until it’s your child,” Laura Sidari told
Oct. 18, 2018
Donald Trump has praised Greg Gianforte, the Congress member from Montana, for violently attacking a Guardian reporter, saying that someone who performs a body slam is “my guy”.
Trump described in glowing terms the physical assault that occurred on 24 May 2017 when Ben Jacobs, the Guardian’s political correspondent, was asking Gianforte a question about health care policy in the course of a special congressional election in Bozeman, Montana. The US president incited cheers and chants from a crowd of about 8,000 supporters on Thursday night when he said: “Greg is smart. And by the way, never wrestle him. You understand. Never.”
A crew of Fox News reporters witnessed the attack on the Guardian’s correspondent in Bozeman. According to their first-hand account, the then congressional candidate grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands as the reporter was posing questions to him.
“He then slammed [Jacobs] into the ground behind him. [We] watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter.”

Several months ago, I had a brief conversation with a financial planner who said his income has "two commas". So between $1,000,000 and $999,999,999. He complained about people who didn't have to pay any taxes, that they voted w/o having "skin in the game". A storm was moving in, so we only had a short conversation, but I was able to point out that these people have very low incomes, and do pay state income and property taxes. I mentioned my own history, that I had worked hard and saved my whole life, but had lost everything due to recessions and age discrimination. He told me "That's because you play by the rules". And he said it in a way that he showed that it was a criticism of me. I wish we had had more time to talk. I don't think I had time to point out that the people he was talking about do pay social security and medicare taxes, and that they pay a much higher proportion of their income in state and local taxes than he does. I had no time to point out how his standard of living depends on their labor, that they are doing work that is necessary for society, much more so than he is. A disturbing thing is that this was right after poll worker training for the primary, so this person who denigrates playing by the rules is planning on working at the polls.
June 14, 2018
NLIHC found that a worker needs to earn $17.90 an hour at a full-time job — 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year — to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment. That's over $10 more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25.
Let's look at the math: If a worker holds two full-time minimum wage jobs, they'd be earning $14.50 an hour total — still under the $17.90 needed to afford rent and have 70% of your income left over for non-housing related expenses. The worker would have to take on another, part-time, minimum-wage job to make up the difference. All things considered, that's a 99-hour work week, 52 weeks a year.
[And it is even worse, because they have social security and medicare taxes deducted from their pay.]
Oct. 17, 2018
Before becoming first daughter, Ivanka Trump, among other family members within the Trump Organization, deceived real estate investors and buyers and often profited from the deals that materialized, according to a new investigative report.
Ivanka Trump in press conferences and interviews overstated sales numbers for Trump Organization properties in Panama, New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and Toronto, and suggested she was a developer of a project in Baja, Mexico, according to ProPublica and WNYC in an investigative report published Wednesday.
“These statements weren’t just the legendary Trump hype; they misled potential buyers about the viability of the developments,” the report states.

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