Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Public Release: 23-Oct-2018
Trauma researchers identify characteristics of communities where mass shootings occur
American College of Surgeons
A trauma research team has developed a profile of commonalities among communities where mass shootings have occurred. It includes a shortage of mental health professionals, a relative lack of socialization opportunities, higher rates of income inequality, and relatively high housing costs, according to findings presented today at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2018.
Public Release: 23-Oct-2018
Brain training app helps reduce OCD symptoms, study finds
University of Cambridge
Public Release: 23-Oct-2018
Genetic flaw causes problems for many with hypothyroidism
Popular medicine misses the mark for up to 15 percent of patients
University of Chicago Medical Center
Public Release: 23-Oct-2018
Breakthrough test screens for all known bacterial infections
The precision medicine platform developed at the Center for Infection and Immunity is 1,000 times more sensitive than conventional screening methods and can detect signs of antibiotic resistance
Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Landmark study reveals no benefit to costly and risky brain cooling after brain injury
Monash University
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Stressed out? Study suggests it may affect memory, brain size in middle age
American Academy of Neurology
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
A healthy lifestyle cuts stroke risk, irrespective of genetic profile
Findings highlight potential of lifestyle interventions to reduce risk of stroke, even in those at high genetic risk
BMJ [British Medical Journal]
People at high genetic risk of stroke can still reduce their chance of having a stroke by sticking to a healthy lifestyle, in particular stopping smoking and not being overweight, finds a study in The BMJ today.
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Certain blood pressure drugs linked to increased risk of lung cancer
Risk for individuals still low, but could translate into large numbers of patients, say researchers
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Complementary approaches such as meditation help patients manage chronic pain
Some patients reported that they used the techniques in place of medication
Hospital for Special Surgery
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Free online casino games linked with higher risks of gambling problems for young people
New CAMH study finds nearly one in eight high school students played social casino games
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
The Lancet: Rates of premature mortality are two times higher in the most deprived areas of England, compared to most affluent
The Lancet
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Importance of infant diet in establishing a healthy gut
Newcastle University
child has until the age of two-and-a-half to establish healthy gut bacteria - with little change after this point, new research has revealed.
The study also reinforced the important role breastfeeding plays in providing good gut bacteria to babies during the early stages of their life.
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Air pollution and noise increase risk for heart attacks
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Not only air pollution negatively impacts on health, but also car, train and aircraft noise increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as previous research has demonstrated.
[No doubt amped up sound systems also do so.]
"Our study showed that transportation noise increases the risk for a heart attack by 2.0 to 3.4% per 10 decibels increase in the average sound pressure level at home." said Martin Röösli, Head of the Environmental Exposures and Health Unit at Swiss TPH, and lead author of the published research. "Strikingly, the effects of noise were independent from air pollution exposure."
The study also found that people exposed to both air pollution and noise are at highest risk of heart attack. Hence, the effects of air pollution and noise are additive.
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Digital device overload linked to how first impressions are formed
Rice University
Public Release: 24-Oct-2018
Cannabis pain relief without the 'high'
Canadian researchers pinpoint the mechanism of cannabidiol for safe pain relief without side effects
McGill University Health Centre
In the wake of cannabis legalization, a team of scientists at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and McGill University have delivered encouraging news for chronic pain sufferers by pinpointing the effective dose of marijuana plant extract cannabidiol (CBD) for safe pain relief without the typical "high" or euphoria produced by the THC. The findings of their study have been published in the journal PAIN (The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain).

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