Friday, June 23, 2017

Informative links

Navy files first charges under military law in ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal

Congress to Pruitt: We’re Not Cutting EPA Budget to Trump’s Levels

How Liberals Really Reacted to Obama-Themed ‘Julius Caesar’

Polk inmates save correctional officer who passed out during work detail

Daniel Ellsberg: Nixon White House Wanted to ‘Shut Me Up’ With Assault

Mike Pence's infrastructure mess: What went wrong with I-69?

A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says

Remember Trump’s Promise Not to Touch Social Security? It’s Gone Now

Trump sells Qatar $12 billion of U.S. weapons days after accusing it of funding terrorism

That $9.99 find at T.J. Maxx? It might raise questions about labor practices

Died from mixing ammonia and bleach

Trump 'simply does not care' about HIV/AIDS, say 6 experts who just quit his advisory council

London mosque attack suspect named, according to media outlets

How cats conquered the ancient world

Personal Bankruptcies Cut Almost in Half After Obamacare

Weed Warning: Legalizing Marijuana Tied to Rise in Crashes in 3 States by HLDI

Russia debacle destroys the last rationale for Trump, the myth of the genius CEO

Living with climate change: You can make a difference

How Could the Fitzgerald Collision Happen?

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