Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Climate scientists reveal their fears for the future

Several of the scientists said they were making plans to move to places where temperatures are not expected to rise as much in the near future.

By Kerry Brewster
June 27, 2017

Cradling her newborn baby girl, heatwave expert Sarah Perkins Kirkpatrick admits to feeling torn between the joy of motherhood and anxiety over her first-born child's future.

"I always wanted a big family and I'm thrilled. But my happiness is altered by what I know is coming with climate change," she said.

"I don't like to scare people but the future's not looking very good.

"Having a baby makes it personal. Will this child suffer heatstroke just walking to school?"

Dr Perkins Kirkpatrick is one of several climate scientists who Lateline spoke to, seeking a range of opinions from experts at some of the top climate change research units within major universities in Australia.


PhD student Justin Oogers said he and his wife were also unsure of whether to have children.

"We're quite concerned, even scared. Our parents want us to have children and there are great things about having children but knowing what's happing with climate change we've been putting it off," he said.


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