Saturday, September 17, 2016

Eurekalert still down

I haven't posted from Eurekalert for several days because of this.

Dear EurekAlert! Registrants,

As you know, an aggressive September 9 attack on the EurekAlert! website compromised registrants' usernames and passwords, and resulted in the premature release of two embargoed news releases. The integrity of EurekAlert!'s content and infrastructure remains our primary concern at AAAS. We deeply regret the inconvenience that this hack has caused, and we are taking deliberate steps to restore and strengthen the system.

The AAAS team has been working around the clock to bring EurekAlert! and its vast and unique science-news archive, dating to 1996, back online. We are doing so in a planned and methodical way so that when we do re-launch the site, we will be better-positioned to thwart future attacks. We have rebuilt the EurekAlert! system environment and will continue to put it through intensive cyber-security testing until we are confident that it meets the high level of security and integrity that you have come to expect from EurekAlert!.


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