Tuesday, October 29, 2013

U.S. broadband among most expensive worldwide

See link below for informative graphs and explanations of why our system is so expensive:


Tom Geoghegan wrote for BBC News 27 October 2013, Why is broadband more expensive in the US?

Home broadband in the US costs twice as much as it does in Europe and three times as much as it does in South Korea, according to a new report.

Because we let the duopoly get away with it, as Susan Crawford has been reminding us for a while now.

The price of basic broadband, TV and phone packages—or bundles as they are known—is much higher in American cities than elsewhere, suggests the New America Foundation think tank, which compared hundreds of available packages worldwide….

This research echoes the findings of another report earlier in the summer by the OECD, which compared countries in terms of their broadband-only prices. Across all 10 download speeds and capacities, it consistently ranked the US near the bottom.

For instance, at high speeds of 45 Mbps and over, the OECD report has the US ranked 30th out of 33 countries, with an average price of $90 a month. With phone and TV thrown in, plus some premium channels, these packages often cost $200.


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